Martin Pesce

Speaker for the PSRT 2021 Fall Conference

Martin Pesce is the North American Product Manager for Siemens Healthineers in Malvern, PA.

Martin’s educational background includes a certificate in Radiologic Technology from the Bradford Hospital School of Radiologic Technology in Bradford, PA and, a Bachelor of Science degree in medical imaging from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. He is registered in radiography and has worked in a variety of positions in his career, including as a staff technologist and supervisor of radiology and in sales, applications, service and product development.

Martin is active in the Pennsylvania Society of Radiologic Technologists and the American Society of Radiologic Technologists. He is a past president and chairman of the PSRT. He has served as the PSRT affiliate delegate to the ASRT House of Delegates for several years. In addition, he has served on numerous committees for the PSRT.

Martin also holds several US patents for AI innovations in radiography.


AI – How Can It Improve Radiologic Technology


A.      I use to push the portables up hill, both ways…

B.      A look at AI’s impact on our lives

C.       AI is impacting all facets of radiology and not just at the Radiologist level


A.      Automation

1.       Automating manual processes


A.      Speed

1.       Increased throughput

a.       Auto positioning

b.       Auto centering

2.       Faster delivery

B.      Cost

1.       Do more with less


Artificial Intelligence

A.      Big Data

1.       Learning

a.       Techniques

b.       Positioning

c.        Collimation

B.      Image Acquisition

1.       Auto techniques

2.       Auto image processing

C.       Post-acquisition

1.       Auto markers

2.       Auto cropping


A.      AI is impacting the radiologic technologists more than you realize

B.      Automation, Innovation and AI are constantly evolving

C.       How much do we manage the transitions that are happening all around us?