Fact Sheet:

  • Pennsylvania is one of a few states in the nation with no licensure laws for medical imaging and radiation therapy personnel.
  • For the safety of Pennsylvania’s citizens this bill will ensure that imaging will be done by qualified and educated radiologic technologists.
  • Radiological procedures such as x-rays, radiation therapy and nuclear medicine use ionizing radiation, which can be dangerous when administered incorrectly. Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Health and Safety Act (MIRTLSA) will ensure that the individuals who perform these procedures are educated in radiation protection procedures, patient positioning and radiologic science physics.
  • MIRTLSA will provide the regulation, education, certification, continuing education, licensure and scope of practice standards for a person performing diagnostic medical sonography, fluoroscopy operation, limited X-ray machine operation, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine technology, radiation therapy and radiography (CT and mammography).
  • This bill will require Pennsylvania medical imaging and radiation therapy board of examiners to establish licensure standards for radiologic technologists, radiologist assistants and limited x-ray machine operators.
  • Under MIRTLSA a person who holds a current certification and registration by a certification organization recognized by the board in a medical imaging or radiation therapy modality or specialization shall be deemed to have met the education requirement.
  • Individuals who hold a license in radiography, radiation therapy, magnetic resonance, nuclear medicine, or are licensed as a radiologist assistant or limited x-ray machine operator, shall perform medical imaging or radiation therapy procedures on humans for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.