PSRT Committees


Members of the Legislative/Advocacy Committee


Bernadette (Bernie) Garofola MEd, R.T.(R)(T)(CT), FASRT Rad Therapy
Debra Majetic MA, R.T. (R RT-Education
Elaine Halesey Ed, D.,R.T.(R)(QM) RT-Education/RT/QM
Elizabeth Eslich M.S.R.S. RRA RTR RRA
Larry (Max) Maxwell BS, R.T.(R)(CT), FASRT CT
Marjorie (Mardi) Sawyer BS, R.T.(R)(BD), CBDT BD
Martin (Marty) Pesce BS, R.T.(R) RT
Maria Messner BS, R.T.(R)(M) RT-Education
Sharon Miller MS, R.T.(R)(M)(CT)(MR) RT/CT/MR/Education
Sheryl Goss MS, R.T.(R), RDMS, RDCS, RVT Ultrasound
Susan Wertz B.S.RRA/RPA,R.T.(R)(M)(CV)



Raina Encarnacion RT(R)(CT) Rad and CT
Janice Van Dolsen  RT (N). CNMT NM
Nathan Bayless  RRA, MSRS, BS, RT(R)



Chris Eckenrod  


 Education, CT, MR, RAD

Naejane Carredo





Nominating committee members 

Dr. Felicia Holliday,M.S., RT(R)(CT) Chair; fholliday@mtaloy.edy

Lynn Blazaskie B.S.RT(R) – 


Education Committee

Chris Eckenrod –

Dave Romo –

The education committee comprises of:

  • Student Poster Committee 
  • Student Leadership Development Program
  • Techni-bowl Committee
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Student Committee

Poster Competition Committee

  1. Committee Chair:

 Dr. Felicia Holliday RT (R) (CT)

  1. Committee Members:

Rebecca Hickman RT (R)

Karen Williamson –

Techni-bowl Committee

Chris Eckenrod B.S., RT(R)- Chair

Student Leadership Development Program – PSRT program expanded from the ASRT SLDP

Laura Miller, B.S., RT (R) – – Chair

Stacy Oskam, M.S., RT(R) –

Chris Eckenrod –

Sharon Miller –

Max Maxwell –

Naejane Carredo –

Sue Wertz –


Conference Committee

Annual Conference and State Meeting

 Sue Wertz B.S.,RRA, RT(R)(M)(CV),RPA – Chair

Elaine Halesey –

Sue Maclntyre –

Chris Eckenrod –

Sharon Miller –

Max Maxwell –

Naejane Carredo –



Marketing Committee – included Website, FB, Twitter (social media), PSRT phone App

Jacob Pasley B.S.,(R)(CT) phone app

Sue Wertz B.S., RRA, RT(R)(M)(CV),RPA– Web master

Chris Eckenrod – – FB

    Sharon Miller M.S., RT (R)(M)(MR)(CT) –Chair

    Mardi Sawyer RT (R)

    Cheyenne Wulff –

    Karen Williamson –

    Maria Messner –

    Loraine Zelna –


    Selected SLDP

    Jalen Seyler – – 2022-23 SLDP

    Dominique Heckman – – 2022-2023 SLDP

    Hanna Rittenhouse –

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