Charles Kiessling

Speaker for the PSRT 2021 Fall Conference

Charles E. Kiessling Jr., RN, BSN, PHRN, CFRN, CEN

Charles Kiessling is a registered nurse who graduated from the Williamsport Hospital School of Nursing and completed his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Lycoming College in Williamsport.  He worked as an emergency room nurse at Williamsport Hospital for 21 years, serving as the elected Lycoming County Coroner since 2000 and part-time as a Flight Nurse for the Geisinger Life Flight Program for the past 16 years..  Charles is the President of the PA Coroner’s Association and Liaison to the PA Coroner’s Education Board.  He is a member of the International Association of Forensic Nurses, the National Emergency Nurses Association, the International Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners.  He established the first Child Fatality Review Team in Lycoming County in 2001 and has been an active member of Safe Kids Lycoming County appointed to as serve as Chair in 2011.  Charles established the Lycoming County Cribs for Kids Program in 2008 providing cribs to needy parents throughout Lycoming County.  Charles has actively promoted Safe Sleep Practices for infants through various public education programs.  He serves as the VP of the Lycoming County Health Improvement Coalition.  He serves as Assistant Chief for the Old Lycoming Twp. Vol. Fire Company.

Course Description

This course will review the PA Coroner statuses regarding the reporting of contagious diseases and discuss the history of COVID deaths in Lycoming County compared to statewide in Pennsylvania.  The speaker will explore the challenges faced during the early stages of the pandemic.  Finally, an analysis will be presented of the COVID 19 deaths in Lycoming county by age, race and sex and comorbidity statistics.  The speaker has described the topic as a moving target and will present the most up-to-date data available at the time of the presentation:

Course outline: 

I. PA Coroner Statuses regarding reporting of contagious diseases
     a. Coroner duty
     b. sudden deaths
     c. suspicious deaths
     d. public hazards
II. COVID 19 History in Lycoming County
     a. Notifications
     b. First deaths in Lycoming County
     c. Challenges 
          i. PPE
          ii. refrigerated space limitations
          iii. not testing diseased
III. Analysis of Lycoming County Deaths
     a. Death statistics by month 2020 and 2021
     b. Deaths by age 2020 and 2021
     c. Deaths by gender 2020 and 2021
     d. Deaths by race 2020 and 2021
     e. Comorbidities associated with COVID deaths