PSRT Member Benefits:

                                         Scholarship for students

The PSRT provides scholarships and competitive opportunities to students in radiography.


Be involved in advocacy at state and federal levels to protect the imaging profession.

In-Person CE Credits

Earn CE credits in person at PSRT conferences.

Membership Fees:

PSRT membership has changed to a rolling year. When you begin or renew your membership it will expire in 1 full year.

Radiologic Technologist: $30/Year 

Student technologist: $15/year 


How do I download my PSRT membership card?

  • Login to Memberplanet: Login link
  • In the upper right hand corner your name and/or picture should appear.
  • Click on the down arrow
  • Go to the my member portal
  • On the left side go to my profile and click on member card
  • On the right there is now a gear icon please click on it and select view card.
  • You can now download your card in a PDF format