Paula Pate-Schloder, MS, RT, (R)(CV)(CT)(VI) FAEIRS

Paula Pate-Schloder, MS, RT, (R)(CV)(CT)(VI) FAEIRS

Lecture: Caring for the Transgender Patient

Abstract: Transgender individuals identify as a gender different than assigned at birth. A lack of awareness among imaging professionals can compromise care for these individuals. This lecture will review pertinent terminology and discuss barriers faced by these individuals. Practical advice focusing on communication and quality patient care will be shared.


  1. Identify terminology related to LGBTQ+ patients.
  2. Recognize the difference between identity, orientation, expression and sex.
  3. List common barriers to care and disparities for people in the LGBTQ+ population.
  4. Discuss polite ways to talk to transgender people.
  5. Discover techniques on how to address bias incidents.


  1. Introduction

ARRT Code of Ethics # 3, Non-discrimination

Review of terminology related to LGBTQ+ patients

  1. The Genderbread person


Coming out exercise


III. Health disparities and barriers to care

Health insurance issues

Negative patient care experiences

Violence and suicide

  1. Communication

Importance of pronouns

Role play scenarios

Eliminating microaggressions

  1. Addressing bias in the workplace


  1. Questions and answers