Proposed changes to Pennsylvania’s regulation by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

Here are a few that affects the medical imaging technologist community:

Proposed § 221.16 (relating to training, competency and continuing education) adds specific training for X-ray operations, competency in the operation, and continuing education requirements for registrants and licensees. Continuing education requirements include biological effects of radiation, QA and QC, and radiation safety.

Proposed amendments to § 221.35a (relating to fluoroscopic X-ray systems) limit who can operate a fluoroscopic X-ray system for clinical purposes to licensed practitioners, radiologist assistants, registered technologists and students-in-training. Equipment evaluations, such as entrance exposure rates, maximum air kerma rates and high contrast resolutions, are proposed to be added. Requirements for fluoroscopic-guided interventional procedures, such as written procedures, records of policies and procedures, radiation output and peak skin dose, are proposed to be added.

Proposed § 221.63 (relating to therapy imaging guidance systems) adds technical requirements for procedures using this new type of guidance system, such as QC procedures and methods addressing radiation safety.

Proposed amendments to § 221.205 (relating to operating procedures) add the requirement for operators to be appropriately trained in the specific techniques and modalities they will be utilizing.

See proposed changes by following the link: Proposed Rule-making