Sean Richardson – speaker 2022 Fall

Sean Richardson Ed.D., RT (R)(CT)

Program Director & Professor of Radiography

School of Radiography

JFK Muhlenberg Schools of Medical Imaging

Internationalization of Medical Imaging Education and Practice: Current Trends


After participating in the session, the attendee will be able to:

  • Define internationalization
  • Discuss the internationalization of higher education with a concentration on Medical Imaging Education
  • Discuss the benefits of internationalization to higher education and medical imaging education and practice.
  • Discuss the approaches and current trends to the internationalization of medical imaging education
  • Identify the barriers to the internationalization of medical imaging education.
  • Discuss possible avenues for the implementation of an internationalized medical imaging curriculum.


  1. What is the internationalization of higher education
  2. Benefits of internationalization of higher education
  3. What are Global skills
  4. Advanced practice and its link to the internationalization of medical imaging education and practice
  5. Approaches and current trends to the internationalization of medical imaging education
  6.  Barriers to the internationalization of medical imaging education
  7. Summary

Sean Richardson’s Biography.

Sean is an internationally educated and experienced patient-centered medical imaging practitioner. He holds a Diploma in Radiography from the University of Guyana, Bachelor of Technology-Diagnostic Radiography Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, South Africa, Masters of Applied Sciences-Radiographic Image Interpretation, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Education from Charles Sturt University, Australia, and a Doctorate in Education-Higher Education from the University of Liverpool, England. Sean has lived and worked in numerous countries, including Guyana, Barbados, South Africa, Australia, Bermuda, Canada, and the US.

Sean is currently the program director and faculty at JFK Muhlenberg School of Radiography in New Jersey. He is also an adjunct faculty for Rowan College of South Jersey and River Valley Community College in New Hampshire. He also currently works as a part-time CT technologist at Clara Mass Medical Center in New Jersey. He has extensive clinical experience in trauma, CT/Interventional Radiography, Mammography, Forensic Radiography, Report Writing, Clinical Education, and Radiographic Research. His research interests include Advanced Practice, Troublesome Knowledge in Radiography Education, and Clinical Evaluations. Dr. Richardson is very passionate about the Medical Imaging profession. He is credited for designing the current Bachelor of Sciences -Medical Imaging degree curriculum at his alma mater, the University of Guyana.

This is not Dr. Richardson’s first presentation at an ASRT conference. Sean has presented at numerous ASRT and ISRRT conferences. Sean was the president of the Barbados Association of Radiographers and the ISRRT’s Public Relations Officer for the Americas region from 2002 to 2010. Dr. Richardson enjoys traveling and exploring carnivals and hopes to one day be one of the first radiologic technologists to travel to space.

Dr. Richardson is here to present “Internationalization of Medical Imaging Education and Practice: Current Trends.” Effective feedback is feedback in which information about previous performance is used to promote positive and desirable development and has been presented as the cornerstone of effective clinical teaching that supports cognitive, technical, and professional development.