Susan Wertz – speaker 2022 Fall

Susan Wertz B.S.,RRA/RPA,RT(R)(M)(CV)

Works at: UPMC Altoona

The Pharynx and Esophagus

  • Anatomy
  • Pharyngeal and esophageal
  • Exams
  • Video fluoroscopic swallowing exam
  • Single contrast esophagram (barium swallow)
  • Barium
  • Water soluble contrast
  • Double contrast esophagram (barium swallow)
  • What to look for
    • Contour changes
    • Motility
    • Filling defects
    • Mucosal lining
  • Disorders


Susan Wertz has been a technologist since 1981 and has worked that the same facility since 1981.   She worked as a diagnostic technologist, mammographer, and special procedures technologist.  She is currently a radiology practitioner assistant at UPMC Altoona since 2008 and also is certified through the ARRT as a  register radiologist assistant.  She is the current president of the PSRT and chair of the legislative committee working on licensure for medical imaging technologists here in PA. She is a RA delegate and mentor for the ASRT.