Tiffany Roman

Tiffany Roman, MAEd, R.T.(R), CT, MR

Associate Professor and Program Director

Radiologic Technology  Program

University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash College


Title: Receptive students; reflective feedback or Engaging students; engaging feedback

  • This session is designed to provide supervisors, managers, staff technologists, clinical instructors, educators, etc. The most efficient ways for engage individuals in reflective, meaningful, lasting, and impactful feedback.

Outline of Presentation:

  1. What is feedback?
  2. How are criticism, evaluation, advice, and feedback different and in which situation each is appropriate.
  3. How can meaningful feedback provide individuals with an opportunity learn, grow, and avoid making the same mistakes over and over again?
  4. Strategies for providing meaningful reflective feedback to individuals.


  1. Define feedback.
  2. Explain the difference between criticism, evaluation, advice, and feedback.
  3. Discuss the impact of meaningful feedback opportunities.
  4. Examples of meaningful reflective feedback strategies.