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Nina Li MMS, PA-C

Diversity in Healthcare: Considerations and Application

Presentation Outline:

  • Defining diversity
    • Current demographics within the US
  • Embracing diversity in the workplace
    • Current demographics in the US healthcare workforce
    • Impact of diversity in the workforce and on patient outcomes
    • Challenges of hiring a diverse workforce
  • Discussing management of diverse patient populations
    • Patient cases
    • Tips for success – applying cultural competency
  • How can radiology technologists make a difference?
  • Final Thoughts and Questions

Presentation Objectives: 

  • Define diversity and how it relates to healthcare from a patient and provider standpoint.
  • Discuss how health-related outcomes are tied to diversity.
  • Apply techniques to achieve cultural competency in the workplace.

Speaker Events

2023 PSRT Fall Conference

November 11, 2023

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