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The PSRT is a Proud Affiliate of the ASRT

The PSRT introduces: “Medical Imaging Professional of the Year”!

The PSRT is seeking nominations from RT’s throughout the state to recognize an individual who epitomizes the best in our profession!  It is open to all RT’s, PSRT members and non-members alike.  

The PSRT wants to bring awareness of who we are, and to recognize one of our own.

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Medical Imaging Technologists !!!

HB 1545 has been introduced by Rep. Byran Cutler on June 13, 2017

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2017-2018 PSRT Board

Chairman of the Board: Martin Pesce, B.S., RT(R)

President: Helen Bradley  –  RT (R)(VI)

President Elect: Susan Wertz, B.S., RRA, PRA, R.T. (R)(M)(CV)

Vice-President: Sharon Miller, M.S.,RT(R)(M)(CT)(MR)

Secretary: Marjorie Sawyer, B.S., R.T.(R)(BD), CBDT

Treasurer: Larry D. Maxwell, B.S., R.T. (R)(CT) FASRT


PSRT members serving at the House of Delegate at the 2018 ASRT meeting

Mardi Sawyer – Bone Density Delegate

Max Maxwell – CT Chapter Delegate

Sharon Miller – Radiology Chapter Delegate

Susan Wertz- Radiologist Assistant Chapter Delegate

Helen Bradley – PSRT Affiliate Delegate

Marty Pesce – PSRT Affiliate Delegate 

Lorie Zelna  – PSRT Alternate Delegate

Debra Majetic – PSRT Alternate Delegate