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PSRT Annual Conference and Business Meeting


PSRT Annual Conference and Business Meeting

Holiday Inn/Harrisburg/Hershey in Grantville, Pennsylvania
Starts: Mar-22
Ends: Mar-23

PSRT is excited to welcome two very special speakers this year.  Dan DeMaio, who is currently serving as the Vice-president of ASRT, and is currently running for President-elect of the ASRT and Kristy Moore, who most recently served as Chair of the Board of ASRT.  Dan is also the author of Mosby’s “Exam Review for CT”.  Both speakers are here to talk to us about the current state of shielding in radiography.


Pre-registration for the 2-day conference (option for in-person or virtual)

Technologist member - $130.00
Technologist non-member - $170.00
Student Member - $60.00
Student non-member - $80.00

Pre-registration for Saturday Only (option for in-person or virtual)

Technologist member - $110.00
Technologist non-member - $150.00
Student member - $60.00
Student non-member - $80.00

Pre-registration for Friday Only (option for in-person or virtual)

Technologist Member - $50.00
Technologist non-member - $65.00

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Outline for Radiation Biology, Particle Interactions, and Radiation Safety

Radiation Biology
Interactions with Matter
Photon and Electron Characteristics
Dose, Fractionation, and BED
Radiation Safety

Outline for Patient Shielding – an Update for 2024

1. Introduction
a. Definition of remote scanning
b. Purpose and goals of remote scanning
c. Current clinical applications
2. ASRT Position on Remote Scanning
a. ASRT Practice Standards
b. ASRT Position Statement
3. ACR MRI Safety Manual and Remote Scanning
a. Personnel training
b. Safety zones & supervision
4. Best practices and future directions
a. Impact on patient care and imaging service
b. Technologist/therapist staffing
c. Future of remote scanning

Outline for Prescription Drug Abuse and Impaired Professionals

Outline for Radium at 125 Years

Abstract – Since the announcement of the Curies discovery of radium 125 years ago, the scientific and medical community, as well as the public, have been fascinated with its potential use in treatment of disease. Interest in radium continues into current times in science and medicine, as well as popular literature and the media. Sadly, some of the early radium treatments were not grounded in scientific research, and would now be considered quack medicine. Nonetheless, effective use of radium in cancer therapy did begin in the late 1920s. Additionally, the detrimental health effects of radium used in watch, clock and instrument painting are well documented. However, subsequent research and development through the decades with radium and other radioactive materials have provided significant advances and evolution in medical and industrial applications of radiation. This presentation will provide an overview of the history involving radium, and how the material was produced and used in various medical and industrial applications. From the many positive and negative experiences, one might pose the question was radium a miracle or menace? Mr. Allard will explain his thoughts and conclude with an answer.

Outline for RA 101

Download Outline

Outline for Different Tests for Different Breasts-An Overview of Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia

Importance of screening, regardless of risk status.
Case Study of ADH, to include image presentation on both mammography and MRI
Surgical Intervention
Treatment Options
Additional and Supplementary Screening Options for High Risk Patients

Outline for Intussusception Reduction in Pediatrics

1) Introduction: An intussusception is a cause of an acute abdomen within the pediatric population which needs immediate nonsurgical/surgical reduction.
2) Terminology: Intussusception and explanation of related terminology.
3) Clinical Presentation: Signs and symptoms at time of presentation.
4) Key facts: Intussusception characteristics.
5) Plain film/ultrasound diagnosis: Notable characteristics on imaging.
6) Treatment: types of reduction.
7) Complications: Common risks.
8) Post procedure: Policies and practices.

Outline for Get the Gig – Unleashing your Interview Skills and Crafting a RAD Resume

A. Job Searching
1. Where
2. Networking
3. Deciding
B. Social Media
1. Linked In
2. Dos and don’ts
C. Resume Help
1. Cover Letter
2. Resume
D. Interview preparation
1. Research Company
2. Appearance
3. Answering Questions (STAR)
4. Negotiating and follow-up

Outline for Transitioning from Student to Registered Technologist

Opening Slide
Things to Remember (as a new technologist)
– why you entered profession
– keeping us with skills is important
– advocate for yourself and profession
– scope of practice vs hospital policy
Common Problems (some new technologists may face)
– confidence
– reality shock
– new responsibilities
– professional trust
– burnout
Tips/Tricks (from presenters)
– tell stories of our experience so far, how we dealt with hard situations, advice we can give to the students/new techs
Advice (from current technologists)
– survey will be sent out to technologists and their responses will be here

Outline for Lifelong Learning, Innovation and Leadership

Outline for

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